Weigh In Ramblings....

Another week has gone by and this morning was weigh in. I really don't know why I am always so nervous. Likely because I am always afraid of gaining (failing) even though my track record so far has been pretty good. I've only gained 3 times since starting my journey and at that it was less than 2 pounds. I step up on the scale thinking light thoughts and low and behold, I've lost 4.6 lbs!! Nothing like starting the new year off RIIIIIGHT! I am now at a grand total of 91.6 lbs gone! I still don't know how exactly I did it other than I drank my water, tracked and exercised like I should be. I am now only 8.4 lbs away from hitting 100 lbs gone! I honestly can NOT wait!! I haven't been this size since (I want to say grade 8) I don't know when! I found some clothes the other night that I had put away as keepsakes from grade 8 and they were an XL. The size I am heading into now. I also received a care package from my mom yesterday and she had put in a winter jacket I wore in high school. Size L and it fit me! Not too sure how much I would actually wear it since it SCREAMS 90's LOL but it might do me until the jacket my friend gave me fits. My current winter jacket is so big, I can almost wrap the jacket around me twice! LOL Thank goodness for consignment stores!

I have gotten rid of all the clothes that don't fit me (read huge) and now am working on the stuff I bought during the summer that now are getting to be too big. The exception are one pair of jeans. The jeans I was wearing when I started Weight Watchers in April.
This picture isn't too current as it was about 15 lbs ago but you can already still see the difference. Next picture will be when I hit the 100 lbs lost mark.
Now I am off to plan our meals for the next couple of days. And I also need to plan my wall of motivation!


Holy crap!! You could fit two or three of you in those jeans now!



WOW!!!!! Congratulations on your amazing loss this week, and your progress so far! Almost 100 pounds of you gone? Sweet :)

Keep up the good work, Diane!!!!


That is awesome. A hundred pounds. You should be so proud of yourself. You keep it up.


4 pounds in a week is incredible - as is that picture.

ps - i <3 consignment stores!