Project Me

I have been overweight my whole life although never to the extent I was when I started my Weight Watchers journey. I don't know if it was my bubbly personality or because I grew up in a small town, but I never was teased or picked on because of my weight. So, growing up, it only bothered me a fraction of the time and likely why my weight ended up so out of control. I always had a steady boyfriend and even was quite active on sports teams when I was younger.
When I met my husband, I still didn't see a complete problem with my weight. He loved me as I was and I was content with that. Or rather, 95% of my thoughts was happy with that. I did wish I was smaller especially as my weight started to creep up.
I, like so many women, only got more overweight once I had children. 3 babies in 3 years did it in for me although, that was not my rock bottom.

Not the clearest picture but you can sort of see me at my highest weight here. This was taken September 2008 but I didn't start WW until April 2009.

My rock bottom occured after our first baby was stillborn at 39 weeks. At the follow up exam with our doctor with the final results of his autopsy, we got a copy of the report and the first line read ...." to a morbidly obese 30 year old woman." But, do you think that would kick my ass into gear enough to do something about my weight? Not exactly. Through my next two pregnancies, I gained very little weight. So in a sense, it did but not enough for me to do anything more than that. But, this is in the past now, and I am on my way to losing all the weight.
What didn't work for me.
I am an emotional eater AND I am a boredom eater. I need to learn to channel my boredom and emotions into different avenues to get me out of the fridge and away from mindless snacking.
Because I have been big all my life so I am very negative with myself. I need to learn to change the way I think about myself and make it positive.
I had support from friends until before Christmas. One made lifetime, the other quit (she was not a good support system anyhow). And while the friend that has made lifetime is supportive, it isn't the same since she is now maintaining and not aiming to lose anymore. I am proud that she has made lifetime but I am still a ways from my goal.
Planning meals the day they are to happen. I believe I will be more successful if I start planning meals ahead of time, allowing me to keep better control of my points.
Water, water, water!

What has worked for me.

The whole Weight Watchers program has worked for me when I do follow it. Eating properly and eating the right portions.
Exercise definitely has worked for me. I was a couch potato last spring and now I crave exercise.
Trying new foods I was afraid to try before. I am constantly on the lookout for new foods and recipes to try. I am no longer afraid to try something, even just once.
Doing challenges I find both from my meetings and online have helped to hold me accountable. And it is a fantastic support system, something that seems to be seriously lacking for me!
Obviously, something is working since I have lost 87 lbs in 9 months!

What I am wanting to get from this challenge
Track more consistantly at least 5 days a week but ideally 7 days a week.
Exercise at least 5 days a week, a minimum of 30 minutes. Eventually, I want to add in strength training as well.
Drink a minimum of 6 cups of water a day.
Find alternate means of support

Can I also say that it completely sucks to try and eat healthy when you are financially broke all the time?!


Accountability is a huge thing, I'm glad you're finding support in the meeting room, too! You have accomplished a lot!! //It does stink that eating healthy is more expensive -- I think that you should pay up for junk food and not good food!! Take a look at they have a points system menu -- and its pretty reasonable!

BTW, I am sorry for your loss.


Sounds like WW is working for you. You have already lost a lot. Good job. I think it also stinks that eating healthy is more expensive. But it is totally worth it. We go to our library and borrow cookbooks for more ideas for meal planning. Just an idea for you. I am very sorry for your loss.


i'm so sorry for your loss, that mustve been so difficult! you're well on your way now, you nailed it with your goals! and weight watchers so does totally work, it's amazing! i'm so glad you shared your story with us and that you're with us at the sisterhood, stick with us! we'll get you through, i promise!


it is possible to eat well on a budget - but its difficult.

you've had a intense ride but congrats on all your successes.