Dear 2010 Me

As part of the Rethink Your Shrink challenge over at The Shrinking Jeans, we were asked to compose a letter to our 2010 selves from our 2011 selves letting us know what we did in 2010. This proved to be a rather difficult assignment! But here goes my attempt at a letter to myself.

Dear 2010 me,

At the beginning of 2010, you had already come so far with your transformation to your new healthy self. You had already managed to shed more than 90 lbs! That in itself was utterly fantastic! You always doubt that you will be able to do something that seems difficult and you keep proving over and over to yourself that you can do it! In 2010, you start to actually believe that you can do anything you put your mind to which in turn sees you signing up for a charity run in the fall. I know I never thought I would be a runner, ever and here you do it in 2010!

Speaking of believing in yourself, I think you believe in yourself more than you thought you did even earlier in the year. Look at how you started wearing your clothes more fitted and how you were more interested in actually having more than just "mom" hair.

Even though Adam was such a skeptic when you first started your weight loss journey, look at how far you have influenced him to come with healthy eating and even exercise! The girls may not be able to express how proud they are of you, but you can see it in how they always want to exercise with you and love it when you go for walks with them. I know you have influenced them (and others that come in contact with you!) for the rest of their lives to be healthy and active!

You strived to eat more healthy and you did by cooking at home more often, with vegetables you grew in your own garden! You were not afraid to try anything even though you will never have (_________) again! Yuck! LOL You even ventured to cook ahead to help with planning your meals ahead of time. Adam even helps to plan meals with you, taking off a bit of stress from you!

I am so proud of how you grow into the person I am today in 2011. While occasionally we struggled financially as a family, we were able to work through it and it even brought the family as a whole closer together. Natalia is growing into a wonderful little girl in her own way and just loves grade one. Anya bolts from you as soon as you get her out of the car for preschool since she finally has a chance to play with kids her own age. They are both growing into their own little personalities! And you are finally getting a chance to do things for yourself and I hope you never look back!

I had better go now. My calendar is chock full of volunteering for both schools, volunteering for PAIL, running a scrapbooking group, crafting, and exercising. Who has time to eat??!

Keep doing what you are doing because you rock!

2011 me