The Beginning of the Middle of My Journey

What can I say.... I finally broke down and started a blog about my weight loss. I really should have started it when I started my journey but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think things would go as well as they have.

April 8 2009 was my official start day with Weight Watchers What was I thinking?! The weekend after my start date was Easter. How would I expect to be able to learn the program that close to a holiday?! Had I doomed myself before I even started?!

Well, d-day came and I had lost 3.8 lbs! I guess I did everything by the book! I continued to do everything I learned and the following week I lost 6.6 lbs and the week after that was my largest loss of 7.6 lbs in one week. And those kind of loses only continued for me.

I reached 25 lbs lost at week 8. Week 9 I reached my 10% goal. Week 15 I had reached 50 lbs lost.
Every time I tell someone how much I have lost in the amount of time I have, they always ask what I am doing. Nothing special I always say. Following the Weight Watchers program and added in exercise, something that was definitely lacking before.

I am now finding the support I had previously is gone. One friend is now lifetime and doesn't go to meetings anymore (other than her once a month weigh in) and the other friend quit. Honestly, the latter friend didn't have her heart into it anyhow. She struggled every step of the way and from what I understand, she gained all of the weight she had lost (30 lbs) over Christmas. So really, she wasn't support at all other than encouragement as much as a friend could do.

So here I am. A new year has begun and EVERYONE is on the weight loss bandwagon. I just hope I am able to find someone else that is determined to finish their journey so we can be of support to each other to the end. I still have a ways to go till I do hit my goal and hope I can find the support do I don't get frustrated and just quit. I have come too far for that!