Wednesday Weigh In

Weigh in was this morning. Is it just me or do others always fret when it comes to weigh in's?! I didn't have a bad week but I didn't have a stellar week either so my nerves started to play their game.
What the hell was I so worried about?! Step on the scale and I was down 1.6 lbs! 87.2 lbs lost and gone FOREVER! Yay!

9 months ago, I was wearing a size 32 jean and a 5X. I am now wearing a 1X or 2X and an 18 / 20. I have clothes that I kept from grade 8 that I can now wear again and other things I had kept that are too big now. When did that happen?! LOL Greatest feeling is when my clothes start to get too big. I can't wait to see what size I am in when I am finally at my goal although, that is not something I am going to focus on. As long as it fits and I feel good in it, I will be happy.

What else feels good? Being able to sit in a booth at a restaurant and not have my stomach on the table. Being able to sit behind the wheel of our car and not have my stomach touch the steering wheel. Going into a clothing store and not having to worry that I won't be able to find something that fits because I am too big for everything. My shoes are starting to get too big. I get an actual hungry feeling when I am hungry and I stop eating before I am full. I have more energy. I exercise more to the point where when I don't, I actually miss it.

What are you feeling good about?


That is SOOO AWESOME! that is an amazing loss this week and an amazing loss to date! congratulations, you should be so proud of yourself! it's such a wonderful journey when you find out things like that, like wanting to keep exercising! I miss it when i don't do it too! keep up the momentum sister, you're getting there!!!


I am feeling good about your amazing loss this week. You are just doing awesome on your journey. congrats on the loss this week!


I never fret before weigh-in day; I usually just binge! I have a self-destruct button that gets pushed every Monday night. (I weigh in on Tuesday mornings) Drives me nuts.

Great loss this week! And what an incredible journey ~ 87.2 pounds? WOW!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!Your attitude is so positive and encouraging. I enjoyed my visit here today!