What Motivates you?

Today's meeting topic was about motivation.  Getting motivated and keeping motivation going. It was asked what motivated us to join Weight Watchers and then what motivates us to keep going.

My motivation to join Weight Watchers was through an opportunity that I couldn't say no to. The province I live in was conducting a survey of people that needed to lose weight for a study they would be running.  If you qualified, you would be compensated up to 70% of the costs of meetings.  The only thing stopping me from joining was finances so when this opportunity fell in my lap, I jumped on it with both feet and haven't looked back since.
My mom being diagnosed with borderline diabetes at 60 (with a family history of every one of her siblings diabetic way before that) motivated me to lose weight and now to push back when I would likely get diabetes myself.

What keeps me motivated to keep going is now, is that I am so close to breaking that 100 lbs lost mark which is then followed by my leaving the 200's and finally entering into the 100's.
I am motivated by all the clothing choices I will soon be able to wear.
I am motivated by all my blogger and twitter followers.  I think positive support is a great motivational tool! Everyone helps to hold me accountable!
I am motivated by my daughters to stay healthy and active to be great role models for them.
Although not at first, I am now motivated by my husband, to show him it can be done so he will do it himself one day in the near future.
I am motivated by the inspiration I am giving to others just starting out on their journey.  If I can do it, so can you!
I am motivated by the embarrassment I have for the size I was. I will NEVER see that size again!
And lastly, I am motivated by the beautiful Motivational wall I have built but yet to put up due to printer issues.

"You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be." - David Viscott

So tell me, what motivates you?


good for you :) what a milestone you have coming up 100 pounds lost. wow! :D