Stepping Outside the Glass Box

Our Monday Project from had us trying something new this week, stepping outside our comfort zone. Since I started my weight loss journey back in April, I have been continuously stepping outside my comfort zone.  I am more willing to try new foods and the way I wear my clothes has definitely changed from what I was comfortable with.  Now, exercise is totally different.  For some reason, I have a very hard time coming out of my glass box for fear of shattering it. I want to.  I sooooo want to!  And, you know what? I chickened out. I finally did it! Granted, it was still a workout at home but I can not afford a gym membership at the moment so I am doing the best I can with what I have at home.  I am not terribly co-ordinated at all and have found great comfort in doing Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds DVD's.  So comfortable, that I can easily do her 5 Mile walks with jogging intervals. I sweat but I certainly feel like I could go longer.
So, in transitioning to a new dvd, I tried a Stott's Pilates Walk on to weight loss dvd.  Certainly had some of the same moves but also had some that the other dvd's did not.  Enough different moves that my thighs are screaming at me today but, that might also be because I did try another dvd (beginniner Slim in 6) that was not a walking dvd.  I will be adding both into my dvd rotations. You know they are working when parts of you are sore! LOL
I stepped out of my glass box and it didn't crash down around me!  I might be tempted to add in new dvd's on a semi regular basis just to keep things interesting!


Cool! I love trying new dvd workouts and they definitely keep things interesting! Good job for stepping out of that box!!


Congratulations on stepping out of your glass box! Sometimes, doing something that makes us uncomfortable is really cool... not at first, but after you live through it I believe it makes you stronger.
Is that weight loss counter on the side of your blog correct? You've lost 96 pounds?!
Because, seriously, that is AMAZING.
You rock!!